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High Precision Manual Pick & Place Machine

How you probably have read in the previous page, my projects were growing and so the need to have a pick and place machine for prototyping or for small productions... I looked on INTERNET... and I really didn't want to spend thousands of dollars...

So Ii started to design... Ordering many pieces... and trying... It took a while before i had something that i was satisfied with.

Finally i got precision, affordability, and comfort... i was tired of pain to the back and the eyes trying to place by free hand... The curve of mastering the machine is very short. The USB Microscope does indeed a very good job.

It will arrive to you as a full kit. You need to assemble the PSE-20, it is quite easy, but it requires to be calibrated. You will find videos in the media gallery that explains how to do.

The PSE-20 is fully equipped with: vacuum pump, rotary pipe joint, USB microscope, USB cable extension, pedal switch, electro-valve, pipes, green A2 PAD... Weight (pad excluded) is 230 grams (0.5 lb), size 54cm x 37cm (21.2 x 14.5 inches).

Assorted needles of different size are provided.


The PSE-20. High precision manual Pick & Place machine.
The PSE-20. High precision manual Pick & Place machine. It comes fully equipped. Weight 230 grams (0.5 lb), size 54cm x 37cm (21.2 x 14.5 inches)




The packaging is an exquisite tin case.



There is a new configuration with two microscopes. Check the MEDIA GALLERY to see a video.


To have 2 micorscopes, one for each axis, eliminates the parallax error.



PickSoEasy-logoTo operate the PSE-20 does not require special ability, but it does require a little bit of practice to understand how to move and how to stop steady in a place. The rotation can be controlled thanks to a rotary joint. The needle can rotate independently from the blue pipe connected to the vacuum pump. This is well shown in a video in the media gallery. To release the component you will use a pedal switch that cut the power to the vacuum pump and simultaneously activate an electro-valve which speedup the pressure equalization in the pipes.

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I cannot say made in Italy, but i can say...      MADE BY ITALIAN  












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